Supplies: Surprise Supplies! Bazaar Two

I had an awesome Saturday at the Surprise Supplies! Bazaar Two (but only writing about it today because of my crazy busy weekend). Despite not finding what I was looking for – which were safety eyes and bamboo crochet hooks – it was still great mingling around with so many “crafty” people. Plus, I got some stuff that might be useful for alternative projects.

Supplies from my first round. Yes, I went twice. Isn’t the ribbon a beauty?

More cloth from my second round. I gave in to my temptations. The cloths were too good for me to just give them a pass. And they were super cheap too!

I do not exactly have an idea of what these are for but I am going to use them as my stitch markers. If you look closely, there is an opening in the rounds. Perfect as a stitch marker.

Earring hooks for one of the new projects I just queued in Ravelry. Hope I do not have to finish using all the earring hooks just to complete one project.

Name cards from the sellers I have met there. I just admire how they put their creativity even into their namecard designs.

More photos taken at the bazaar after the jump!

Till the next project. xoxo


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