Completed: Mario Mushroom

Finally completed is my latest project which are the Mario mushrooms. I made two because I was not too happy with the first one – the red one – I made.

Below is the reason why.

The directions in the pattern had suggested sewing on the mushroom’s spots with thread. So I did and from this (photo), it is obvious that my sewing skills is lacking very much.

Unsatisfied, I made the second mushroom – the green one – for another chance to make a better mushroom but also with a different gauge. If you look properly at the photo below, then you will notice that the green mushroom is slightly bigger than the red one.

I am happier with the green mushroom but I thought I could have stuffed it with more stuffing.

Well, well, if this continues, I am going to be my worst enemy. Maybe it is because of my slightly perfectionist attitude that I am critiquing my own work so critically. Or that I’d like everything I do to be in the best condition.

Despite my pessimism, I have to say that I am extremely proud of both the mushrooms’ eyes. I am definitely taking the credit for them.

More photos after the jump!

Credits: The Mario mushroom belongs to Nintendo. The amigurumi pattern is from Linda Potts.

Till the next project. xoxo


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