Supplies: More Yarn And Hook

As from the post title, I have gotten more yarn of new colours and a new crochet hook. Ooops, have I turned into a yarn hoarder? It’s too early to tell but I think the answer will lean slightly more towards a “Yes”. Even so, every other crocheter hoards yarn so (speaks to self now) I am normal. Absolutely normal.

Anyway, normal-cy aside, I got the below brown yarn at a very VERY low price. Actually, my mom picked the colour. She had “subtly” hint that she wanted an amigurumi teddy bear. What’s a girl with very little time supposed to do?

The white and pink yarn is for a special project. Considerably thicker and hopefully less fuzzy when I need to unfrog the project. I am hoping that this special project that I would start soon would turn out to be more of a plushie size and less of a keychain size with the thicker yarn.

And also for this special project (yes, it is a really special project to me), I bought a double-sized crochet hook. Size 5/0 and 6/0.

Till the next project. xoxo


One thought on “Supplies: More Yarn And Hook

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