Completed: Red Devil

At last, here is the completed version of my very own Red Devil. Why is it my own version when I had followed a pattern, you may ask. Look carefully and you will notice that this devil lacks one of the classic characteristics a devil would be deemed to have.

I am going to give you the benefit of doubt that you are not very well-acquinted with devils (not literally, at least) and tell you. It is the tell-tale TAIL!

This is related to my story of why this project had taken so long to complete which is what I am going to write about next.

I had several problems with this devil, mainly due to my lack of crocheting skills, I guess. Firstly, it was the arms. I am just NOT good with the teeny tiny parts of amigurumi and to think that those parts are exactly what that will make up an amigurumi.

Then, the horns decided to give me more trouble. Plus, the black yarn was kind of fuzzy so that did not help things. Anyhow, after much wasted yarn, I managed to crochet two long sticks that I bent to make it look like devil horns.

Finally it was the tail. I had trouble deciphering the crocheting instructions but still went ahead and tried to crochet a tail. After a few attempts, I had to give up. Or else, this project would be shelved. I did not want that to happen so I proceeded to stitch the parts up without the tail.

One part of the devil that I am particularly happy about is the eyes and smile! I am thankful that I have managed to inject this devil’s cheekiness through proper eyes and a non-crooked smile. At least, my embroidery skills are slowly (I hope) improving?

More photos of the devil after the jump.

(I love its bendable arms and legs even though initially, it took me great pains to crochet.)

Credits:  Many thanks to Mrs Devil for the original pattern and Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen for the translation of the original Thai pattern.

Till the next project. xoxo


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