Completed: Cupcake

I started and completed this cupcake amigurumi in one day. Now, do you believe me when I said that my hands are itching to crochet?

Actually though, this cupcake is for my friend’s birthday. I don’t really have time to go hunting for presents so I thought I’ll make her a cupcake that’s lasting and (obviously) unedible. That way, she’ll remember me for giving her a cupcake that cannot be eaten!

Then again, it’s so good to be holding a hook and yarn again and this cupcake was fun to make. I wish I had variegated yarn for the icing. Bet it’ll look better. Ahem, time for yarn shopping?

I am seriously so glad that I bought the safety eyes.  They put a whole new different perspective on the cupcake (and on many more projects to come). Like I told my sister, the “cuteness” would have been much lesser had I used those dreaded beads for eyes again. *no offense meant to you, dear beads*

And yes, I added a keychain hook to the cupcake.

More in progress photos after the jump.

I really hope my friend likes the cupcake.

Now I’m off to make more cupcakes. And variegated yarn, I want you.

Credits: Thanks to Karla Fitch for this cute cupcake pattern. I would have linked the pattern but since this pattern is only available as a Ravelry download, so sorry.

Till the next project. xoxo


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