Travel: Alondra in Spain

After so many days walking around in Madrid, I didn’t expect to find a yarn store. Thus, when I “found” Alondra, I was surprised that the store has gotten unnoticed by me for so many days.

I just had to walk into the store when I saw it. The yarn display was just an irresistible enticement.

And the yarn inside the store?  I could just absolutely die at the colourful-ness of it all. There was yarn of every colour imaginable.

Plus, every crocheter has to love yarn on sale. With huge discounted prices. Soft, soft, SOFT yarn from 1.85 Euros. (Sorry practically mumbling with excitement now.)

The interior of the store was just the right feel. Homey and comfy. If I could I would have sat down and started crocheting. That is if I had brought my crochet hook.

 My sister had to send me disgruntled looks before I was willing to leave. I could just have spent a good hour perusing and admiring the yarn. Provided I don’t get shooed away by the shop owner, of course.

I am kind of thankful that I don’t live in Spain. Or else, my pocket would have a huge hole especially when their yarn stores are like Alondra.

Till the next project. xoxo


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