Completed: Pig Rabbit

I actually complete this a few days ago but only got the chance to write about it no thanks to my jam-packed schedule.  Well, I didn’t want to just write up a blog post especially when this project means so much to me.

This very pig rabbit amigurumi was one of the reasons behind why I had decided to learn up crochet. Yes, the power of Korean dramas. (If you are very confused now, the pig rabbit is from the Korean drama, You’re Beautiful.)

I wanted a pig rabbit plushie but due to the “astronomical” prices out there, I didn’t end up buying one. So when I laid eyes on the amigurumi pattern, I knew I had to learn up crochet to make a plushie for myself. If you do not understand my motivation, so be it but that’s the story.

And I am so grateful to Sharon from Ami Amour for this awesome pattern. It is so easy to follow that I managed to crochet up my very own amigurumi without much difficulties. Plus, I am just so in awe of her genius brains when it comes to crochet (and everything else). You have just got to admire the intricacies she puts into her crochet patterns.

Please please PLEASE leave a comment to let me know of your opinion of the pig rabbit amigurumi I crocheted if you have the time. This project means a lot to me and I’d like to know what you think.

More photos of the in-progress process after the jump.

Pattern credits: Many many MANY THANKS to Sharon from Ami Amour. In a way, she has made one of my dreams come true.

Till the next project. xoxo


5 thoughts on “Completed: Pig Rabbit

  1. Hi Serena!! Sorry it took me forever to respond. Your Pig Rabbit came out so splendid and I really love the miniature version of it. You make me proud!! It looks so cute. I think you captured the spirit of Pig Rabbit beautifully. Keep in touch!

    • Hi Sharon.
      I was so happy to see your reply. You’re like one of the people who can make me happy just by commenting on something I crocheted (not that I don’t treasure other comments). “Special” status. xD

      I hope to make another bigger version of the Pig Rabbit! And I’ll definitely keep in touch.

      • Loely amigurumi! It’s been like a dream for me to have my own dwaeji tokki since I watched the kdrama… I’m from Venezuela, and managing to have my own it’s impossible =(

        With the permission from the creator of the pattern, could you please send it to me? I can’t find any pattern out there on the web TT (and a bunch of try outs that I just don’t like)

        Thank you!

      • Hi Natasha! It’s really amazing to find out that Korean dramas are popular even in Venezuela. Wow!

        I am so sorry to say that I can’t send the pattern to you but I have provided the link to purchase the pattern in my blog post. The pattern would be a really great purchase as Sharon did a really good job on the pattern.

        Do share your dwaeji tokki with me if you do get the pattern. And thanks for visiting my blog!

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