Completed: Spider

Updated 3/10/2011: So I didn’t win the crochet challenge. I would be lying if I said I’m not sad but all the same, it had been good fun. Congratulations to Lindsay who won!

Renske from Fun and Fang is carrying out a crochet challenge on her blog. To participate, you crochet a project from the collection of her free patterns, post a photo of the project on your blog/website/Flickr and post the link on Renske’s blog. Then, Renske will pick the best project and the prize? Two free patterns from Renske’s Etsy shop.

It sounds like something exciting to do so I thought I’d put in an entry. The pattern that caught my eye was the Spider in Jar pattern. The concept was so Halloween-esque. It reminded me of fake (albeit scary-looking) spiders in those haunted houses in school carnivals.

Red seemed like a good spider colour to me especially since Spiderman has a red (and black) costume.

The spider was fun to crochet although the legs were kind of tricky to attach. I had to make sure the spacing between the legs was even so that I could fit all eight legs on the spider.

Check out the other participants’ works: Esteelam, carinscraps (only for Ravelry users), xlindsaywx

I took a photo of the spider upside down. *cheeky grin* It’s after the jump.

I hope I did justice to Renske’s Spider in Jar pattern even though my version of it doesn’t exactly fulfil the meaning of the term “Spider in Jar”. Let’s just say mine escaped from the jar.

Credits: Many thanks to Renske from Fun and Fang for this awesome Spider in Jar pattern.

Till the next post. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Completed: Spider

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my entry for Renske’s competition in your post. I do like your spider – he is much more friendly looking than some of the ones I find in my house ;P

    I noticed you were curious about the small crystal ball in my photo. I found it in my local new aged shop, but I think you can also buy them on eBay.

    • Hi Lindsay!
      It’s my pleasure really. I just adored the way you used that mini crystal ball (haha yes, I am kind of fascinated with it) as a prop for photographing your witch fairy.

      Haha, you never know with spiders. This one just looks “friendly” because of its puppy-like eyes.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and do drop by whenever you can. 😀

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