Completed: Ootori-sama

Just barely after the “excitement” of being a pattern tester for the first time, I was provided again with the opportunity to be a pattern tester again. This time it was for Sharon from Ami Amour who is also the creator of the Pig Rabbit pattern.

I was really glad that I could be a pattern tester for Sharon. After all, her creations are really among the best that I’ve seen (as far as amigurumis go).

My mission was to test out the pattern for Ootori-sama (Duck Spirit) from the Japanese movie, Spirited Away. I love those cute characters in Japanese anime. And being able to “create” something that can be physically held (instead of just seeing it from a TV screen) is just too good.

There were two options given in Sharon’s pattern which is to either give the duck a towel or a leaf on top of its head. I chose to give it a towel since I still have some white yarn left. (Yes it is a towel on top of Ootori-sama’s head if it isn’t obvious enough. :P)

Ootori-sama was quite simple and fast to crochet. The stitching up of the parts were also fun to do especially since Sharon provided the instructions on exactly where to sew the parts on the body. (This is lacking in some patterns so when this happens, I normally rely on my sometimes-not-so-reliable instincts.)

I used the 1.75mm crochet hook which ultimately translates into a miniature Ootori-sama. It stands at a little less than 5cm, the perfect size for a mobile keychain. My sister is already bugging me for it.

Check out more of the in-progress photos and completed photos below.

The completed body of Ootori-sama.

Crocheting one of its wings.

All the parts before assembly.

Ootori-sama turns its back for the camera.

Ootori-sama having a lie-down after a long day of photoshooting.

Credits: Thank you SO MUCH for letting me test your adorable Ootori-sama pattern, Sharon! If you would like to get your very own Ootori-sama plush from Sharon, do click here.

Till the next project. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Completed: Ootori-sama

  1. You did a great job Serena! Thanks for testing it out for me. Love all the work in progress pics and the completion of it. I’d love to see how it looks dangling from the phone ^^

    • You’re welcome Sharon. It was really fun crocheting Ootori-sama! I’ll definitely send you a photo once I put in the mobile strap. (Just bought a bunch of mobile straps at this really awesome supplies bazaar.)

      Keep in touch and keep up your awesome job with the pattern-writing and amigurumi plushies!

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