Completed: Totoro

I had been quite smitten with the character of Totoro for quite some time albeit not having watched the movie My Neighbour Totoro in which the main character was none other than Totoro. The chance came to me to actually crochet one when I heard one of my friends saying that Totoro is one of her favourite characters. And her birthday was coming as well.

To make the Totoro look “bigger”, I used a 3 mm hook to crochet this. I didn’t want it to be too small to be a plush or too big to be a keychain. The result is a comfortable-sized little plush measuring about 6.5 inches (16 cm) in height.

Crocheting the parts was alright since the instructions in the pattern was quite clear. The body took some time since at one point, there was 80 single crochets in one round!

The “problems” came during the stitching together of the parts. I wasn’t too happy with the way I did the tummy. It was placed slightly a little too left. And in an attempt to shift it back to the middle, the bottom sides of the tummy looks ruffled.

I had also somehow managed to stitch one side of the paws wrongly. =(

Note that the claws on the left side of the photo is not straight.

Thank goodness that the stitching of the ears and the tail went well. At least, I had managed to maintain a modicum of concentration after the damage I did to poor Totoro’s tummy.

Some in progress shots below and also, photos of the completed Totoro.

When my mom saw this photo, her question to me, “Why on earth are you crocheting a rat?” =.=

Paw-less Totoro.

Side view of Totoro.

Back view of Totoro. Or it looks like its turning its back on me for the mistakes I’ve made in crocheting it.

Now the only thing for me to hope that my friend will still like her birthday gift even though it isn’t perfect.

Credits: Thanks to Lucy Ravenscar for the Totoro pattern.

Till the next project. xoxo


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