Supplies: Crochet Today’s Gift List

Have you experienced the instant when you just had to buy an item which you love the minute you laid eyes on it? That instant happened to me when I spotted Crochet Today’s special edition of Gift List featuring the “best collection of toys, dolls and gifts”. Or rather it was the Gingerbread House pattern that did it.

The magazine was on the pricey side but I figured that it would be worth it since there are 34 other awesome patterns in it (excluding the Gingerbread House).

Some patterns that I am especially keen to try out.

The elaborate and challenging Gingerbread House that looks too good to be eaten. Excuse the pun.

How can you not love the owl and its beady eyes?

Crocheting this bunny would be fun especially the dress.

If I could, I would definitely start on one of the projects in the magazine. They are just too tempting.

Till the next project. xoxo


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