Completed: Cookie Monster

 I apologise for the temporary absence which wasn’t a wish of mine at all because all I really want to do every single day is to make and make more amigurumi. Okay sorry, I’m rambling.

Anyway, crocheting a Cookie Monster have been on my to-do list for quite some time especially when someone had asked me to crochet one. I decided to go with this pattern because I loved the big, bulbous eyes concept.

However, for the cookie pattern, I scoured around and finally settled for the one you saw in the photo. Not to say I wasn’t satisfied with the original cookie pattern but I thought a chocolate chip cookie would look more “original” instead of a cream-filled cookie.

More in progress photos after the jump.

After stitching the eyes and embroidering the smile to the head, the body was crocheted to the head.

Then the arms.

Then the legs too. Completed? Not quite.

Cookie monster wants its cookie.

While trying to attach the eyes, I broke an eye. =( Now I’m left with an odd eye. Anyone has a suggestion for a one-eyed monster?

Credits: Thanks to Armina for the Cookie Monster [Ravelry download] pattern. Thanks to Jessy for the chocolate chip cookie pattern.

Till the next project. xoxo


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