Completed: Turtle

Wheee I had finally gotten around to stitching up the amigurumi turtle. (The completed crocheted parts have been lying around my workspace for a few days already. I blame the lazy to stitch bug.)

The turtle has also been one of the projects sitting in my  Ravelry queue for quite some time. The reason, stitching up the parts had looked intimidating to me. At least, judging from the photos.

And upon completion of the turtle, I figured I was right. Stitching up was tricky!

Before I get to that, let me talk about the difficulties I faced with crocheting the parts. My first challenge was the head. It had been tough getting the eyes on especially when the head was so teeny weeny. I ended up not embroidering the turtle’s mouth onto the head.

Then it was the legs. Upon reading the first line of instruction for the legs which is “4sc magic circle” , I knew I was in trouble. Somehow, I always have difficulties with this. After a few attempts of trying to get it right, I ended up making some amendments to the legs.

A few days later (when I finally got tired of being a procrastinator), I decided to stitch the turtle up. Again, getting the parts together (ie the head and legs) was tricky. I had to be careful not to let the dark green yarn show through the underside of the turtle (which is made of light green yarn) but my efforts had obviously failed if you check out the photos below. Boo hoo hoo.

Some misjudgement on my part also resulted in my not having enough space to stitch in all four legs. Since the tail does pass off as looking like a leg, I stitched up the last leg at an angle so that it would make the tail look like a leg. (Note the little back leg in the photos as well.)

Overall, the turtle had been a good challenge. Again I’m reminded that I am seriously lacking in stitching skills. But after completing this turtle, I must have improved a little, no?

I’d love to do another turtle if I have the time but we’ll see.

All the parts before stitch up. I had to cut up all the leftover yarn for the legs and the head since there was actually no need for leftover yarn.

Turtle’s pose reminds me of the Ninja Turtles.

Boo hoo hoo. I messed up the underside of the turtle. And can you spot the tail turned into a leg?

Turtle trying to climb onto my laptop to see what I’m doing.

Credits: Thanks to Amy for the Turtle pattern.

Till the next project. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Completed: Turtle

    • You’re AMY as in the DESIGNER of the turtle pattern? Wow! Hi, Amy!

      Thanks for your comment on the turtle I made. I’m afraid I didn’t do a too-good job with the turtle. =( Anyhow, you designed an awesome turtle pattern!

      Hope to see more of your awesome works and do keep up with the pattern designing.

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