Completed: Plushy The Dinosaur

If I had to name a unique amigurumi that I’ve made, it would be Plushy the Dinosaur.

Plushy was crocheted for a pattern testing project and it was the description of it that drew me to test out the pattern. The designer (Eleni) had written that Plushy is “made flat in 7 pieces then sewn together”. My first thought was, “Wow, made flat? Interesting.” If you had been following my blog, then you would have noticed that most (if not, all) of the amigurumis are made round.

Plus I had never made a dinosaur (Plushy is a stegasaurus) before so why not?

I chose orange and pink yarn for Plushy because I wanted to make a dinosaur that looks fun, perhaps friendly even. It was also nice to break away from the normal and predictable colour selections for certain projects. Like you would expect a dinosaur to be along the colours of green and brown. But mine is orange and pink!

Crocheting the parts was straight forward even though they weren’t crocheted in rounds (except for the legs). For the first few rounds of the body, I felt as though I was making a scarf until of course, the spine came into place. All the while I was crocheting, I just couldn’t imagine how the pieces could turn out to be a dinosaur.

Here are all seven parts of the dinosaur. Can you imagine how it would actually turn out to look like a dinosaur?

Getting to sewing finally gave me an inkling of how these seven parts can turn out to form a dinosaur.  As I sew the parts and subsequently stuff them, they began to take a more rounded figure instead of the squarish parts you saw in the above photo.

The two body parts sewn together. If the tail was shorter, I could actually add wheels to the bottom and voila, you’ll get an amigurumi car.

Spineless dinosaur.

And finally the completed dinosaur! Say HELLO to Plushy.

One part of Plushy that I really like is the spine. It looks intricate but in reality, it’s not all that hard to crochet.

Crocheting Plushy has helped me appreciate the versatility of making amigurumis. There is really no specific format as to how you create something as long as it turns out looking like an amigurumi.

Cheers to Eleni (the pattern designer) for her creativity and can you believe that she’s only thirteen?

P.S. Much thanks to Eleni for letting me be a pattern tester for her. If you would like to make a dinosaur of your own, here’s the pattern (Ravelry download).

Till the next project. xoxo


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