Completed: Pinkie The Garden Pal

I’ve been “dying” to make this cute bunny after flicking through my copy of Crochet Today’s Gift List several times. (This is supposed to be a secret but ever since I bought it, the magazine has been following me almost everywhere.) Somehow, amigurumis with big heads are just too hard to resist. They always end up looking too adorable.

I’m in this choosing-weird-wacky-colours-for-my-amigurumis mode and Pinkie happen to be my latest “victim”. But overall, I thought Pinkie turned out quite well, no? Yes, I am really proud of Pinkie.

This is my first time crocheting clothing for an amigurumi and I have to say it was fun and of course, challenging. Challenging in the sense that I have to make sure that the dress would fit Pinkie especially after I’m done with stuffing Pinkie’s body.  To do this, my crochet stitches could not be too tight, yet not too loose as much that the dress would fit loosely. Okay, enough with the technicality.

Check out how Pinkie was made below.

 All of Pinkie’s parts before stitching up.

Added eyes onto Pinkie’s head and stuffing.

Then came Pinkie’s body.

Then Pinkie’s arms and legs.

And finally Pinkie’s big but ADORABLE ears and dress.

Crocheting Pinkie has been awesome! I especially loved the detailing on the bottom of Pinkie’s dress.

Should I make Pinkie another dress? (Yes, Pinkie’s dress is “removable”. :P)

Credits: Much thanks to Crochet Today for publishing the Garden Pals pattern by Tamie Snow. To crochet your own Pinkie, do get a copy of Crochet Today’s Gift List from Crochet Today’s website or your nearest newsstand (if you live in the US that is).

Till the next project. xoxo


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