Completed: Big Mouth Monsters

After a “gruelling” two weeks of exams, I am finally back on the crochet (and blogging) scene. This post is of a project that I have actually completed one and a half month ago but did not post it up on the blog yet because I wanted to leave the great unveiling of the monsters to the pattern designer. (The monsters was crocheted for a pattern test.)

Now it is my turn to unveil my “version” of the monsters. You will see why I wanted to leave it to the designer for unveiling purposes, the monsters are just so awesome that it should be shown to the world by the designer herself (at least in my opinion).

Big Mouth Monster 1

Big Mouth Monster 2

Big Mouth Monsters portrait! 😀

Now you see what I mean?

I really admire Deb from CraftyDeb for coming up with such adorable and intricate monsters.

I do not have any in-progress photos this round since the project needed to be completed within a tight deadline. It was a good challenge especially since there were so many parts (eg the teeth were really mini tiny) that needed to be sewn up.

Supposedly there are three monsters but I only managed to complete two due to the deadline. I would definitely love to complete the third monster if I have the time and share it here with you readers.

Here are more photos of the two cute Big Mouth Monsters.

Stay tuned for more completed project posts.

Credits: Much thanks to Deb Richey for the Big Mouth Monsters pattern. Click here to purchase your very own Big Mouth Monsters pattern.

Till the next project. xoxo


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