Completed: Don’t Eat Your Veggies

This is another project that have been completed some time ago but which I neglected to post. Upon seeing the “Don’t Eat Your Veggies” series, I could not resist not signing up for the pattern test. The veggies were too adorable to not be crocheted. And the best thing is, they can’t be eaten so it’s not like they’ll be going anywhere after I crochet these little cuties up.

Completing these three veggies within deadline meant that I could not stop and leisurely capture in-progress photos (as much as I wanted to). I had to start the next veggie immediately after I’ve finished one.

I particularly enjoy making the veggies because I really learnt a lot of new stuff like small-diameter crocheting (which means crocheting in small rounds) and crab stitch (or reverse single crochet).

The crab stitch was on the mushroom. It took me a while to understand how the crab stitch works but after several viewings of some Youtube videos, I finally got it.

Check out the crab stitch on the top of the mushroom. Crab stitches are usually used as a finishing on crocheted clothing items.

The peas in the pod were also fun. I love how the “eyes” for the peas are in the centre as though they’re staring at you.

And the peas and the eyes are removable from its pod!

Making the carrot was fairly easy but ensuring that they eyeballs are correctly placed was kind of tricky. Especially when the eyeballs are so bulbuous, making stitching them next to each other slightly hard.

My sister keeps commenting that the stalk of carrot leaves were too little, making them look wilted. Evil sis.

A carrot that smiles.

Here’s another final photo of the three together before I sign off.

I just can’t help feeling that these three REALLY match my “Eat Your Vegetables” shirt. I have got to get around to taking a photo of the shirt and these three together.

Credits: Much thanks to cheezombie for letting me be a pattern tester for this fun pattern. If you’d like to make your very own “Don’t Eat Your Veggies” series, you can purchase the pattern here.

Till the next project. xoxo


One thought on “Completed: Don’t Eat Your Veggies

  1. 92 3-6-12 spune: In mod normal, daca era sursa, se restarta PC-ul asa ca ramane varianta dreilrevor de la placa video, sau chiar placa in sine. +25V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

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