Completed: Angel Food Cake

Here is another of my completed projects of which the post (and photos) have been delayed. I have a bunch (translated to mean A LOT) of photos on this so do bear with me.

I really love eating baked goods like chocolate chip cookies and more chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate cake is not far off from the top of my list either. Sadly though, I am not able to enjoy these stuff as much as I would like to since my baking skills (or rather, non existent ones) are rather lacking.

So when Nett from put this Angel Food Cake pattern up for testing, I literally jumped at the chance to do it. Here was a cake that I could do albeit an unedible one.

The cake was more of an intermediate crocheter’s level so it was quite challenging for me to learn up the new stitches required for me to “bake” this cake. Well I had to struggle (especially with stitches like the foundation single crochet) in the beginning but in the end, it was all worth my while.

Some of the parts were quite intricate. Like this strawberry stalk. It looks a little like a cross to me.

It was quite daunting to sew on the stalks to the strawberry fruit since they were so small. And imagine having to do six of them! But after the second or third one, you kind of get the hang of it.

Another particular bit I loved while making up the cake were the cream coils. I was really amazed at how the cream coils work.You crochet a straight piece like this.

And after a little bit of twisting and turning, voila. You get some delicious-looking cream coils.

Here are some more in-progress photos. The cake DOES look good visually.

And the cake can double up as a container with a little bit of starch spray. Ain’t it fun? Having a container that looks like a cake.

Credits: Much thanks to Nett for letting me be a pattern tester for her once more. (I had previously tested the Bashful Starfish pattern for her.) If you would like to crochet your very own Angel Food Cake, the pattern can be bought here.

Till the next project. xoxo


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