Completed : Jellyfish

Here’s presenting another one of my crazy-colour-combinations victim, the Jellyfish.

I did not want to use the usual colour combinations since I find jellyfishes to be really versatile in terms of colour. Given its transparent texture, the colour of the jellyfish changes depending on its surroundings. In the dark, it might look purplish. In light, it might look orange, pink or even blue!

(By the way, I do not actually know the real colour of a jellyfish. I deduced the above statements based on my own opinions, photos of jellyfishes and of course, from the animated film, Nemo! So don’t go around stating that I’m spewing nonsense because I truly believe that jellyfishes are colour-versatile.)

Deviating from the usual colours proved to be a right choice because I just love how the jellyfish turned out to be. One of my friends even commented that she likes the jellyfish and that comment ended up making my day.

Making the jellyfish was relaxing as the pattern was quite user-friendly. I was especially fascinated with the twirly tentacles. Prior to crocheting the twirly tentacles, I was wondering if it would be tough making the tentacle look twirly. It turns out that the tentacles will twirl by itself as I crochet along. Fun, ain’t it?

If I ever crochet a doll or something, these tentacles would make great curly hair for the doll!

I took a photo of the jellyfish upside down as well. This would be how a jellyfish looks like if it is stranded on the beach.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the jellyfish as much as I did crocheting it.

Credits: Much thanks to Natasha Purves for the opportunity to test this jellyfish pattern. The pattern is not available yet but I will definitely update you guys once it is out.

Till the next project. xoxo


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