Completed: Hammerhead Shark

This is another one of the more “exciting” projects I have worked on last month which is only posted up now (bad, bad blogger). Why is this shark exciting?

1. It’s a shark. That’s got to count for something.
2. The small, itty bitty parts were quite challenging to sew up.
3. It’s a HAMMERHEAD shark. Sorry, I just have this unusual obsession with sharks.

I was actually quite concerned as to how I was going to make the bits and pieces look like a shark since my sewing skills are not so fantastic. (I’m slowly improving though.) So can I just say somehow I did it?

I’ve interviewed a few people (ie my sister and my cousin brother) and they could identify the amigurumi as a shark. *insert grin here* Therefore I’m counting that as a hint that my shark DOES look like a shark.

No in-progress photos were taken but here are two more photos of the completed shark.

Credits: Much thanks to Eleni for the opportunity to test the Hammerhead Shark pattern. I had previously tested Plushy the Dinosaur pattern for her. The pattern for this Hammerhead Shark is currently not available. I will update the post when it is made available.

Till the next project. xoxo


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