Completed: Doe Eyed Piggy

It’s already February and I am still posting projects which were completed last year. Guess I will have to speed up and update my blog more.

Back to the project featured in this post.

I fell in love with this doe eyed piggy when I laid my eyes on it. I was already imagining that I would make a blue-eyed pig. In reality, a blue-eyed pig would look weird but this is an amigurumi one so a blue-eyed pig would look adorable.

The pattern was great to work with because Marie (from Underground Crafter) is such a meticulous pattern designer. I really enjoyed the whole process of making the pig.

Here are some in-progress photos.

All the parts before sewing up.

Eyes are up.

Piggy nose.

Then, piggy ears.

And the doe eyed pig is complete!

Here are some more photos of the completed piggy.

Credits: Thanks to Marie from Underground Crafter for the pattern testing opportunity. The pattern for the Doe Eyed Piggy is not available yet. However, if you would like to try making some of Marie’s other free designs, do try this lamb. It’s adorable.

Till the next project. xoxo


3 thoughts on “Completed: Doe Eyed Piggy

    • Haha you’re welcome. Glad that you enjoy the shots. I find it quite fun to capture in-progress photos. If I actually make a video from these photos, it would look as though the pig’s parts had just “come together” on its own. Perhaps I should try making a video like that some day. 😛

    • I do;128#&7nt have an improvement yet. This is my first year to use Answers VBS and I am SOOOO excited about it. Hopefully, next year my answer to this question would be NOTHING!

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