Completed: Ninja

Pardon the quality of the photos since I had taken them under different lighting (some in the evening and some during the day). You will get what I mean if you continue reading this post.

Anyway, my little (well, not that little actually) cousin brother has been bugging me for a ninja amigurumi so I promised to make him one for his birthday. I scouted around and found the pattern for this ninja which I thought was quite adorable. At least adorable for a ninja.

This project was quite challenging in terms of the colour change on the ninja’s head. I had to change yarn colours for about 4 rows and the amount of excess yarn sticking out was just so messy. Thank goodness this was amigurumi which means the excess yarn could be easily hidden away. If it was a piece of clothing, I’ll just say the recipient wouldn’t be too happy. 😛

After stuffing the head and sewing on the nose, I thought the ninja looked a little like a pig (thanks to the nose). Don’t you think so?

Now you see what I mean about the photos’ colour.

My cousin brother loved the ninja and hijacked it before I could capture some photos of the completed ninja. I had to “borrow” the ninja from him so I could actually photograph it to be posted here. Oh well. It’s just nice to know that he likes what I have made for him.

And this concludes all my completed projects in 2011.

Credits: Much thanks to Rachel Hansen from Sheep Dog’s Fleece for this cute Ninja pattern.

Till the next project. xoxo


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