Completed: Ring Box

My friend had asked me to crochet this ring box for her when she saw the pattern in Crochet Today’s Gift List. I was initially apprehensive about making this since I had zero experience in crocheting other stuff other than amigurumi. Still, I saw this as a good challenge for me to pick up some new crocheting skills.

The first ring box I made turned out to be too small to store any rings so I made adjustments to the pattern for it to turn out to be the size as seen in the photo above.

Here are some more photos.

These were all the parts assembled before sewing up. The white part which is the ring storage area is attached to the inner bottom layer of the box. It was quite tough to crochet that as each additional layer causes the whole piece to be tight and this makes it hard for me to move the crochet hook.

This is after sewing up with the side (white) embellishments added. These embellishments are actually the stitches used to stitch up the inner and outer layer of the box. Quite clever of the pattern designer to think of this eh?

The ring box in a “closed” state.

The first ring box (right) and the second ring box (left).

I ended up giving both of the ring boxes to my friend. Somehow she likes the smaller one better even though it can’t quite store a ring. Nevertheless, I hope she is happy with both ring boxes.

Credits: Much thanks to Crochet Today for publishing the Ring Box pattern by Christen Haden. To crochet your own Ring Box, do get a copy of Crochet Today’s Gift List from Crochet Today’s website.

Till the next project. xoxo


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