Travel: Spotlight in Ashmore, Australia

When I found out that my year-end holidays were to be at Australia, I made it a mission to visit at least one yarn store while I was there. After getting in touch with a few awesome amigurumi designers from Australia on Ravelry, I knew that there were good yarn stores in Australia.

However my searches on the Internet did not yield any results of yarn stores in Gold Coast which is where I had visited last December. It was the landlady of the apartment where I was staying who told me of Spotlight (THANK YOU SO MUCH!). She said that the store was so big that she could literally lose herself in there. I had asked her if they sold yarn (which I now realise is an understatement of the year and you’ll soon realise why) and she said, they should have yarn.

Armed with some written directions and a bus map, my family and I went on the search for Spotlight. The journey was not that smooth-sailing since we had never taken a bus in Gold Coast before and we had no idea how the system works. Thanks to some friendly locals, we managed to find Spotlight!

It was really HUGE for a craft store. It’s the size of a Tesco’s. Once I stepped into Spotlight, I knew I would have a good time there even if they did not sell any yarn because there were so many craft stuff there. You name it, they have it.

My joy (literally) increased threefold when I stumbled on the crochet/knitting area because..

there were ROWS and ROWS of yarn. Of every colour, every type. It was yarn heaven. At least to me.

Spotlight carries a lot of Moda Vera yarn. And the balls of yarn are in 100g as opposed to the Minlon yarn sold here in only 40g. One ball of 100g yarn could result in many many amigurumi.

These are yarn which are suitable for making stuff for babies. They are exceptionally soft and so fun to just touch.

Spotlight really sells many types of yarn. They even have fun yarn used to make plushies. The blue yarn would make a really good Cookie Monster plush.

More fun yarn! Notice the hanging brown-grey scarf? It’s actually a scarf. Spotlight provides samples of items made from the yarn they sell. I find this interesting since people could actually see what can be made using the yarn.

And of course, variegated yarn. I love the colourways of the yarn there. So beautiful. There were even sample of socks made from the variegated yarn!

Now you know why I said it’s an understatement of the year to ask if Spotlight sells yarn?

Spotlight was having a sale too when I visited so I got a few balls of yarn to bring home. I had such a tough time in picking which yarn I wanted since there were too many choices. I will share what I bought in the next post so do check back if you’re curious as to what I chose to bring home. 😛

If you are a crocheter (or just a person who loves crafts) and happen to visit Australia, do pay Spotlight a visit. Trust me, it WILL BE worth it even if you leave Spotlight with a “hole in your pocket”.

Here are details of the Spotlight store I visited:-
Where > 345 – 351 Southport Nerang Rd, Ashmore, QLD 4214
Phone no > (07) 5564-7311

Fret not if you’re not visiting Gold Coast. You can search for the nearest Spotlight store to wherever you’re going here. Or if you just want to check out the Spotlight website, click here.

Till the next project. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Travel: Spotlight in Ashmore, Australia

  1. Oooh, what a fun excursion. As a fiber arts person now, I’m definitely with you on the idea that whereever you travel now, checking out yarn stores is a must! I’d be fun to collect yarns from around the world and to make amigurumis from them!

    • It was really fun to visit Spotlight! Before this, I would never have thought that a craft place as big as Spotlight could exist. It is really different from the yarn stores over here.

      And yes, it would totally be fun to collect yarns from around the world and make amigurumis from them. It’d be like, this one’s from Australia, this one’s from the US, etc. 😛

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