Supplies: Yarn From Spotlight & Other Notions

As mentioned in the previous (Spotlight) post, I bought a few balls of yarn that were on sale. Don’t we all just love sales? I know I do.

I had a tough time picking out the yarn I wanted to buy since there were so many choices and so many colours. It really felt like I was in a “torn between two loves” situation.

Note: This is a photo-heavy post. Thought I should inform you before you continue further. But go on, it will be interesting.

Here’s presenting individual and close-up shots of my haul.

My sister requested for a beanie in this yarn colour but I doubt that I would be able to make a beanie with only one ball of yarn.

I also got some suitable-for-babies yarn because they were just too soft to resist! I’m not sure of what I could do with them yet. Maybe I’ll just crochet some toys or a hat for my new-born nephew.

Fun yarn! I love these so much that I decided to get two. I really can’t wait to use them to make some fluffy amigurumis.

I love the colourway of this variegated yarn which is probably why I chose this over all the other colourways. It’s almost impossible to get veriegated yarn like this one over where I stay.

I have also gotten a few other notions. Like these adorable doll glasses.

The glasses remind me so much of Harry Potter that I’m really tempted to make an amigurumi version of Harry.

Also got these 7.5mm clear brown safety eyes. See? Spotlight is really a crafter’s heaven.

Plus some 9.0mm black safety eyes.

And this wraps up my haul from Spotlight.

If you have any ideas/suggestions of what I could do with the yarn, do leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

Till the next project. xoxo


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