Completed: Gift Pocket Bear

Updated on 20/4/2012: Link to pattern added in.

I had the opportunity to be a pattern tester again for the talented Marie of Underground Crafter. This time, it was to crochet a Gift Pocket Bear.

What makes this bear special is the gift pocket square. This bear can carry little gifts such as messages and perhaps even sweets in its gift pocket square. It would make such a nice and sweet gift.

Here are some in-progress photos of the Gift Pocket Bear.

All the parts before sewing up. They don’t really resemble a bear at this point. What wonders some yarn, stuffing and an embroidery needle can do.

I had no experience of crocheting a granny square (ie the gift pocket square) prior to this and I was glad that testing this pattern gave me the opportunity to learn how to crochet one. It was quite challenging at first since I had trouble deciphering the crochet instructions. I had to unfrog the yarn so many times before I could crochet a decent gift pocket square. It was also really fun picking colours for the pocket square.

The bear’s head before I sewed on its muzzle. It looks a little like an octopus without its muzzle.

Muzzle on along with its smile. Looking at its smile now, I really prefer to think that my embroidery skills have somewhat improved.

The bear’s body after being stuffed.

Gift pocket square sewed on.

Thanks for staying with me on this! Do post a comment if you have been reading this.

Credits: Much thanks to Marie of Underground Crafter for the opportunity to test the Gift Pocket Bear. Marie was so patient with me especially with the gift pocket square and generally with all the queries I had. The pattern isn’t available as of now but I’ll post the link once it is made available. The pattern is now available here.

Till the next project. xoxo


3 thoughts on “Completed: Gift Pocket Bear

  1. It’s so cute, and I’m glad that I can say I introduced you to the granny square. The pattern will be released in April by Galler Yarns, and I’ll share the post with you as soon as it is live :).

    • Thanks for saying that it’s cute Marie! I really enjoyed making the bear especially the gift pocket square. Oh do let me know when the pattern goes live. I’d love to link it up on my blog.

      Thanks for visiting and do drop by more often. 😀

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