Completed: Giant Squid

I consider myself a “weakling” when it comes to amigurumi because I get attracted to almost every single amigurumi I lay my eyes on. And if the particular amigurumi in question is VERY adorable with big eyes (like the one pictured above), I am a goner.

Despite not having as much free time on my hands as I would have liked, I signed up to test this adorable Giant Squid created by Char from Awkward Soul. And what a fun time I had in crocheting this.

The pattern was very clear and Char is really a genius in writing assembly instructions. They were so detailed and there were so many photos to show the entire assembly process that it was not possible for me to assemble the Giant Squid wrongly.

I also had fun picking out the unconventional colours for the squid.

Here are some in-progress photos that I would love to share with you.

All the parts before assembly. I just love the Giant Squid’s head/body!

Tentacles is sewed on. It looks like it’s doing a split.

All the other legs on as well.

And the last photo.

Giant Squid: I look good from the side too!

I really enjoyed making this squid a lot. My sister had already requested that I give this squid to her as a present. And ironically she loves to eat fried squid or better known as calamari rings.

Stay tuned for more projects to come. I am so behind in posting my completed projects.

Credits: Thank you so much to Char from Awkward Soul for the fantabulous opportunity to test her Giant Squid pattern. If you would love to crochet your very own Giant Squid (and a Mini Squid), you can purchase the pattern here.

Till the next project. xoxo


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