Completed: Super Hero Teddy Bear

Updated on 21/4/2012: Link to pattern now available.

Meet Super Hero Teddy Bear! He is the bear-y counterpart of the real Superman though with a paunchy stomach.

When the Super Hero Teddy Bear turned up in the Ravelry forums, my fingers worked as though they had minds of their own and signed up for the pattern test. The bear even has the features of the classic Superman ie the curly hair.

The colour changes were quite daunting but from this project, I managed to learn another colour changing technique which is tapestry crochet. If you’re interested to know what is tapestry crochet, you can watch this video.

Here are more in-progress photos.

The Super Hero Teddy Bear even has a cape and the S symbol on it. Really fantastic details.

The embroidery for the Superman symbol was kind of intense for me but luckily I had some help from one of my friends, Hazel. She is really good in sewing!

Body attached to the head.

Then the hands and legs. Wheeee..

And now the Super Hero Teddy Bear has its muzzle.

The back side of the bear with its cape on.

Side view. He looks like he’s ready to fly, doesn’t he?

Just a random fact. Crocheting the Super Hero Teddy Bear reminds me of the song, Superman by Joe Brooks. Oh well.

Credits: Much thanks to Meghan for the opportunity to test this pattern. The pattern is currently unavailable but I will update the post with a link once it is made available. The pattern is now available for purchase here.

Till the next project. xoxo


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