Feature: Gift Pocket Bear & Super Hero Teddy Bear

In this post, I am really happy to present not one but TWO features of my recently completed projects on Ravelry.

The first feature would be the Gift Pocket Bear. Thank you SO much to the awesome Marie Segares from Underground Crafter for the feature.

The second feature would be the Super Hero Teddy Bear. Much thanks to Meghan Bomberger for the feature.

All these features on Ravelry mean so much to me. It is like the ultimate acknowledgement of my crocheting efforts and (as I would like to think of it as this) also my attempts at photography.

Thank you so much!

Till the next project. xoxo


3 thoughts on “Feature: Gift Pocket Bear & Super Hero Teddy Bear

  1. Yes, it definitely speaks to both. Sometimes there is someone with a project that I can tell is well made, but the photo is really to dark or there is too much clutter in the background to include on the project page. Thanks for your help with the pattern test!

    • Thanks! I do try my best with photographing my finished stuff. I love how a photo can convey different meanings to different people and getting appreciation is an added bonus. Oh, testing your pattern was entirely my pleasure! 😀

  2. Hmmm DON'T worry about your legs! Mine are as white and the neighbors sheets (My sheets are usually floral so I can't say mine!!) *heheh* I love that dress of yours it is super cute and looks great on your bod!I could not be mad at Charley either… Oh My!! Breast ensencarh! I bought the cutest bra not paying attention to what kind it was just looked at the size. When I got home I put the bra on and my knockers were pushed up so high I almost choked. (I then looked at the tag and read. *SUPER ENHANCER go up two bra sizes!* Oh GOD!)

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