Completed: Peyton Bear

Say hi to Peyton Bear, my first attempt with variegated yarn. I was really inspired to try the variegated yarn on the bear after I saw the beautiful colours of the pattern designer’s (Cheryl) bear. Mine does not look as good as her colour combination but all the same, I love the effects of the variegated yarn.

As mentioned, this is my first time using variegated yarn and it was a pretty exciting thing since you literally, do not have control over the colour of your final project. This would make every project of the same design somewhat different. If I were to make another Peyton Bear with the same variegated yarn colour, perhaps its legs would have more shades of blue instead of grey and white. Get my point?

Now let’s take a look at some in-progress photos.

All the parts before sewing up. If you’re wondering, the little black patch is its nose.

The body is attached to the head and subsequently, the legs to the body. Does it look like a mummy without its arms?

If I sew on hair instead of ears, this could be a human doll instead of a bear. Though it would be super-weird if a human is blue, grey and white in colour.

The completed Peyton Bear!

I would definitely want to use variegated yarn for my future prospective projects. Who knew crocheting with variegated yarn would end up being such a carefree affair?

Credits: Much thanks to Cheryl Bruce for the opportunity to test this wonderful Peyton Bear pattern. If you would like to crochet your own Peyton Bear with variegated yarn, the pattern can be purchased here. The pattern includes instructions to make a panda called Lian too!

Till the next project. xoxo




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