Completed: Whale

Photo taken using Hazel’s Canon 60D EF 18mm f/1.8 II

Since discovering the world of amigurumi, I have somehow entertained the idea of making a whale someday. So upon stumbling upon Freshstitches’ whale pattern, I decided to make it.

I chose pink because pink whales do exist in the fairytale realm. There are pink dolphins, why not pink whales then?

This is one of the many things I love about crocheting amigurumi. I enjoy the flexibility of creation and really, the sky is the limit. Nothing is too wacky or crazy to be made into an amigurumi.

This is my first time making something that is joined without sewing. It’s a really good thing especially when my sewing skills or lack thereof is nothing to boast about. Besides being a fishtail, someone actually commented that this looks like a pair of bunny ears. There’s some truth in that, no?

As the whale starts to take shape, I doubt it looks like the makings of a bunny anymore. It’s starting to look quite big too. I thought the whale would make a nice keychain but as I progressed, I see that it’s too big to be a keychain.

Photo taken using Hazel’s Canon 60D EF 18mm f/1.8 II

Photo taken using Hazel’s Canon 60D EF 18mm f/1.8 II

After finishing the body and sewing up the side fins, I decided to embroider the whale’s eyes instead of using safety eyes. I got a little help from my friend, Hazel and she managed to make the whale look like a cheerful little thing. Such are the wonders of embroidery.

Now, the whale sits alongside with its other marine friends which I have crocheted. I’ve actually realised that I’ve crocheted quite a number of marine creatures. Perhaps I should gather all of them up for a photoshoot. How’s that for a blog post?

P.S. If you’re wondering, I had crocheted part of the whale at home and finished it off at my friend, Hazel’s house. That explains why I had to use her camera and her lens to capture some in-progress shots and shots of the finished whale. I’m not complaining though, I absolutely love the effect her macro lens provide.

Credits: This FREE whale pattern is provided courtesy of Stacey Trock from Freshstitches. If you would like to crochet your own whale, you can download the pattern here. Or if you don’t feel like crocheting a whale, you can check out Stacey’s other adorable cuties. She has oodles of cute amigurumi patterns.

Till the next project. xoxo


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