Blog Stuff: Updates (+ An Exciting Progress)

When I posted my hiatus notice more than a year ago, I did not mean to stop posting entirely. But things happened and life got in the way which eventually led to a real hiatus on this blog.  While the blog went through a hiatus period, my crochet adventures continued. Over the past year, I picked up a lot of new skills and managed to widen my crocheting repertoire to many different kinds of amigurumi and other forms of crochet like hats, a mini sock and even a pen holder!

Although I did not manage to share my progress on this blog, I found another platform to share my works. I started sharing my FOs on Instagram and to date, I have 50 posts and 96 followers. If you have an Instagram account and would like to follow my crochet journey, my username is “theamiproject”.

More recently, I reached an exciting milestone in my crochet journey. I collaborated with the talented Jessica Low from Jessica Doodles ( to come up with an entry for the “Animals At Work” Design Contest hosted by We are very proud to present to you, Lady The Party Planner Llama.

Voting has begun and it would really mean the world to me if you could cast a vote for my entry at Voting is really simple. Just click on the “heart” button on 5 of your favourite entries (including mine!) and enter your name and e-mail address to submit your vote.

I will be posting more on the back story of how the Llama came to life so stay tuned.

Till the next project. xoxo


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