Completed: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Phew. What an eventful way to end the end of 2013. I know I had promised on Instagram to update my blog soon (that was back in December 2013) but there were just too many things that got in the way and to put it simply, it was hard for me to cope.

Before I proceed with my post, I would like to thank everyone for voting for my entry, Lady The Party Planner Llama in the Design Contest hosted by Although I didn’t win, I still felt like a winner because I have learnt so much in the designing process. I am currently working on the pattern for Lady The Party Planner Llama and I shall post updates about my progress whenever I can.

And to continue. So it took a New Year to pass before I could write about how the Rudolph I crocheted was different from my other amigurumi projects. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re not mad that I’m only fulfilling my promise now, Dendennis.


I bought a bunch from yarn from Cotton House Store when I visited their physical shop in the middle of last year. Cotton House Store specialises in (well, you guessed it) cotton yarn so naturally I bought their signature milk cotton yarn and also other yarn from their other collections such as polyester and merino.

I’m embarrassed to say that these bunch of fabulous yarn were sitting in a corner in my house until I decided to make a Rudolph from Dendennis’ pattern.

I chose the brown cotton yarn for the body and the red polyester yarn for the scarf. As for the reindeer’s horns, I used something from my stash of Minlon 4ply acrylic yarn. Since the weight for both the cotton yarn and polyester yarn were almost similar, I followed the directions in the pattern exactly and they turned out amazing. As for the horns, I had to make some tweaks so that it doesn’t look too small for the reindeer.

This is the first time I’m using yarn of different weights and fibre to make an amigurumi and it was really fun because I was really anticipating how the final project would look like. Crocheters are often advised to take care when getting yarn for a project and to make sure that the yarn is from the same dye lot, weight and fibre so that the project turns out as per the dimensions. I usually follow this advice to boot or at least, with aspect to the yarn weight and fibre so this time, it’s really refreshing to just use whatever I have in my stash without having to bother too much about uniformity of the yarn used.

Plus, the cotton yarn was such a joy to work with. I am definitely going to purchase more of the cotton yarn when I get the opportunity to visit the Cotton House Store again.

So.. have you ever used different yarns for a project? And how did your project turned out?

Tell me your experiences by leaving a comment here or e-mailing me at

Note: Currently, I am still not able to update my blog on a regular basis BUT.. I will do my best to update it as much as I can. If you’re looking for constant updates from me, you can follow my Instagram account (my username is “theamiproject”). I update my Instagram account more regularly.

Till the next project. xoxo


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