Travel: KPC Yarn Studio in Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Date of Visit : 7th September 2015

Right after I booked my airplane tickets to Hong Kong earlier this year, I did a quick search on Google on any local yarn shops to visit in Hong Kong. I had a hunch that it would not be easy to locate the local yarn shops especially when the main language in HK isn’t English (just like the time when I did my research on Big Knit Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand) so I was pleasantly surprised when the fully-in-English KPC website turned up on the search engine.


KPC stands for Knit, Purl, Crochet and they carry only four yarn ranges, namely Novomerino (100% ultra fine merino wool), Glencoul (70% merino wool, 30% cotton), Cashmere (100% cashmere) and Gossyp (100% organic cotton). Each yarn range come in weights of 4ply, DK and Chunky with the exception of the Novomerino which is also available in the Aran weight as well. The number of colours available for each range is really great too (the most being 60 available colours).

I was pretty much sold on making a visit to the KPC Yarn Studio especially after seeing the gorgeous colours available on the website and especially since I haven’t been to an actual yarn studio before.

Finding my way to the area where KPC was located wasn’t too difficult. I got there by train. The problem was after exiting the train station and locating KPC’s exact location. I could not find the street where KPC was but thankfully, by asking around for directions, I manage to find KPC.

KPC_002 KPC_004

It was pretty quiet at the studio when I arrived. The sales assistant explained that it is usually quite quiet on weekdays. She explained briefly about the products available and then was super cool (thanks Fiona!) about leaving me and my friend alone to look around by ourselves. (I absolutely dislike yarn shops where the sales assistants/shop owners follow you around. They make me feel like I’m a thief instead of a customer.)

KPC_010 KPC_005

It was really another level of yarn heaven for me in KPC. I got to see and feel the yarn on display (they were super soft!). There was a whole file of yarn colours to see and choose from. They even had little gauge swatches so that you can see how the yarn would turn out in knitted form. And if that wasn’t enough, there were knitted and crocheted items around the studio as samples.

KPC_009 KPC_008

The whole place looks super comfy and I almost wished that I was living in Hong Kong so that I could frequently visit this gem of a yarn studio/crafting venue. KPC conducts workshops as well and they rent out their studio space to crafters who want a good space for say, craft gatherings or stitch-and-b*tch sessions.

KPC_003 KPC_006  KPC_011

Besides yarn, KPC also has crochet and knitting tools for sale. They stock mostly Clover hooks and knitting needles, as well as other notions like stitch markers, pom pom makers and stitch holders. There is also a corner of wool felting materials for sale.


I ended up purchasing six balls of 4ply yarn from their Glencoul range. Those are probably going to end up as super comfy summer socks and yes, I’m learning sock knitting at the moment. Each ball of yarn comes with a little product card which has the yarn specifications and care instructions which I think is pretty neat and unconventional. I’ll probably do a review (no promises though) on the yarn when I finally use them but at this point of time, I just love love LOVE the softness of the balls of yarn!


Overall, I was happy and pretty satisfied with my visit to the KPC Yarn Studio. I liked the quiet ambience at the studio, the beautiful yarns on display and the cherry on top of it all has got to be the fantastic customer service. The only downside would probably be that the KPC yarns are a tad bit pricey but then again, I definitely don’t mind paying for quality products. If I ever visit Hong Kong again, I would definitely drop by the KPC Yarn Studio and maybe attend a workshop or something.

If you are visiting Hong Kong and would love to drop by KPC, here are the details:

  • Where : KPC Yarn Studio, 1/F Novel Industrial Building, 850 – 870 Lai Chi Kok Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong (KPC Yarn Studio, 1/F 永新工業大廈, 850 – 870 荔枝角道, 荔枝角, 九龍)
  • Opening Hours : Monday – Sunday from 11.00AM to 8.00PM
  • Website :
  • Directions : If you are taking the MTR, get off at Lai Chi Kok Station (Tsuen Wan line) and exit the station at Exit D2. Once you are out of the station, look for this corner shop called Mi’Des. The address of the shop would read “822, Lai Chi Kok Road”. Walk along the same row where Mi’Des is located and you will find the Novel Industrial Building which is where the KPC Yarn Studio is located in.
  • Helpful Hints : Do have the address in Chinese on hand as most locals do not know the English names of streets/buildings.

If you would like further information on visiting the KPC Yarn Studio, do leave a comment here or you can drop me an e-mail at I would be very glad to help you out if I can.

All the best with planning a visit to the KPC Yarn Studio if you are visiting Hong Kong!

Till the next project. xoxo


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