Completed: Malay Wedding Dolls


Recently, one of my friends, who is also my ex-colleague got married! When she invited me to her wedding (which I could not attend unfortunately), I knew that I would be crocheting a pair of wedding dolls in Malay traditional attire as a wedding gift. The topic of wedding gifts had come up in our conversations before and it felt surreal that I am finally going to crochet the wedding dolls for her.

As there were not many amigurumi dolls in traditional Malay attire for me to base the design on, I decided to just make up the design based on my friend’s engagement ceremony photos. She had wanted the dolls to be unique so I followed the pink theme of her engagement ceremony, rather than the traditional white theme of her wedding ceremony. Plus, pink is actually her favourite colour.


The most challenging part of creating the dolls was actually the groom’s sarung. A sarung is basically a length of cloth that is wrapped around the waist and tied and it forms part of the traditional Malay attire for men. Sarungs are usually of plaid design, something which is tricky to replicate in crochet. Thankfully, a search on the web brought me to this beautiful tartan plaid wash cloth pattern by Laura of Happy Berry Crochet. With some modifications and loads of trial-and-error, I managed to crochet a sarung that is similar to the real thing.

Albeit it not being part of the traditional Malay attire, I decided to go with a wedding veil for the bride since a veil would give off a wedding vibe and not result in the bride being mistaken as just an ordinary doll in traditional Malay attire. I added some crocheted flowers on the veil as well even though this is not visible from the front. Don’t they look dainty?


That wraps up my short post on crocheting a pair of wedding dolls in traditional Malay attire.

Have you crocheted anything that has a cultural significance in your culture/country? What has your process been like? Do share in the comments section below!

Till the next project. xoxo


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