Feature: Gift Pocket Bear & Super Hero Teddy Bear

In this post, I am really happy to present not one but TWO features of my recently completed projects on Ravelry.

The first feature would be the Gift Pocket Bear. Thank you SO much to the awesome Marie Segares from Underground Crafter for the feature.

The second feature would be the Super Hero Teddy Bear. Much thanks to Meghan Bomberger for the feature.

All these features on Ravelry mean so much to me. It is like the ultimate acknowledgement of my crocheting efforts and (as I would like to think of it as this) also my attempts at photography.

Thank you so much!

Till the next project. xoxo


Feature: Nautilus

The awesome Chromo Crochet featured me on her Tumblr website. She mentioned that I have some adorable stuff on the blog and that I am very friendly! That is just so sweet of her.

Thank you, Chromo Crochet!

Read the rest of the post here. And while at that, do check out Chromo Crochet’s Tumblr. She has some awesome amigurumi patterns and creations and her ongoing Easter Egg Countdown is just so adorable!

Till the next project. xoxo

Feature: Plushy The Dinosaur

The community at Ravelry is just too kind, spoiling me like that. I wasn’t expecting this AT ALL so it really came as a surpise to me when the Plushy The Dinosaur that I crocheted got featured on the designer’s (Eleni Gardner) pattern page.

Check out the screenshot of the pattern page on Ravelry below!

capture12 (1)

MUCH THANKS to Eleni for featuring my version of Plushy The Dinosaur!

If you’d like to make your own Plushy The Dinosaur, here’s the pattern.

Till the next project. xoxo

Feature: Cookie Monster

Ohmygosh I am so excited because Armina, the designer of the Cookie Monster pattern wants to feature the Cookie Monster I made on her Ravelry Cookie Monster pattern page. I am really happy because this is the FIRST time that any of my amigurumi works have been featured.

Check out the screen shot of the Cookie Monster pattern page below. Can you spot my Cookie Monster?

capture11 [1]

THANK YOU so much to Armina for the feature!

Till the next project. xoxo