Supplies: Just About Everything

Of late, I haven’t been a very good blogger but I’m hoping to improve that. Oh well. Anyway this post will be about the various supplies which I have gotten the last few months. I didn’t have time to update the blog as and when I had gotten the items so I thought I would just gather the supplies for a photo-shoot post everything in one post. Which explains the post title.

This is going to be a photo heavy post.

Supplies Shopping @Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Eiffel Tower and lock charms! I still have no idea what I could do with them since I don’t really wear bracelets. Perhaps the charms could be strung to make little bracelets for my amigurumis. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

A giant packet of jump rings a.k.a. my stitch markers. My existing supply was running out so I just got this packet when I saw it. It’s quite hard to find jump rings around here. This packet is going to last me for quite a while.

I could not resist getting these destash yarn from Macy’s especially the brown shiny ones. Somehow, I am always drawn to bear-coloured yarns.

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Supplies: Yarn From Spotlight & Other Notions

As mentioned in the previous (Spotlight) post, I bought a few balls of yarn that were on sale. Don’t we all just love sales? I know I do.

I had a tough time picking out the yarn I wanted to buy since there were so many choices and so many colours. It really felt like I was in a “torn between two loves” situation.

Note: This is a photo-heavy post. Thought I should inform you before you continue further. But go on, it will be interesting.

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Supplies: Yarn From Vietnam

My mom visited Vietnam a few months back and she bought me some yarn from Vietnam.

Sorry for the quality of the second photo. The camera flash had a grudge against me.

The yarn were thicker than the regular Minlon yarn that I usually use so this translates to bigger amigurumi. As I might or might not have mentioned in my previous posts, I would love to make a plush sized amigurumi. If only time was on my side.

According to my mom, people in Vietnam make amigurumi too. She bought me two little ones to “prove” her point.

Cute aren’t they? I just think it’s a good idea to use felt as the pig’s ears. It’s really fun to see how people utilise their craft supplies differently.

Stay tuned for more posts.

Till the next project. xoxo

Supplies: Embroidery Thread & Safety Eyes

Check out my latest purchase.

I bought these embroidery thread since my black ones were finishing. These thread are really good for sewing on “eyes” on amigurumis that do not require safety eyes. I just adore how soft and fine these embroidery thread are.

While on the topic of amigurumi eyes, my kind grand-aunt who lives in Singapore has bought some safety eyes for me. My mom was lamenting how we could not find safety eyes over here so my grand-aunt said that she will help look around to see if it can be found in any stores in Singapore. And turns out she found them.

9mm brown eyes

She bought several packets for me, some 9mm and 12mm safety eyes.

With these eyes, it looks like I will be able to make amigurumis of bigger sizes. Anyone has any suggestions?

Till the next project. xoxo

Supplies: Crochet Today’s Gift List

Have you experienced the instant when you just had to buy an item which you love the minute you laid eyes on it? That instant happened to me when I spotted Crochet Today’s special edition of Gift List featuring the “best collection of toys, dolls and gifts”. Or rather it was the Gingerbread House pattern that did it.

The magazine was on the pricey side but I figured that it would be worth it since there are 34 other awesome patterns in it (excluding the Gingerbread House).

Some patterns that I am especially keen to try out.

The elaborate and challenging Gingerbread House that looks too good to be eaten. Excuse the pun.

How can you not love the owl and its beady eyes?

Crocheting this bunny would be fun especially the dress.

If I could, I would definitely start on one of the projects in the magazine. They are just too tempting.

Till the next project. xoxo

Supplies: Felt & Keyrings

I am loving those Supplies Surprise! Bazaar that are organised once in every three months by The Handmade Movement. It gives me something to look forward to and on top of it, there are all those wonderful craft supplies for me to browse through. The vendors are also friendly so overall, the atmosphere at the bazaar is one of a fun atmosphere.

I bought these stuff at the latest Supplies Surprise! Bazaar on Saturday.

Felt remnants and there’s 24 different colours.

Fabric, keyrings and mobile straps.

They were REALLY cheap. I hadn’t had much of a chance to resist actually.  I’m absolutely looking forward to using them in future projects!

Till the next project. xoxo